I  haven’t blogged for nearly a fortnight.  I’ve been busy with Pesach and with a Hevria post as well as emailing a couple of new friends I’ve made (frum Doctor Who fans with mental health issues).  This isn’t a full post, just a quick update/venting.

Pesach has been better than the last couple of years, but still problematic.  I’ve done a couple of questionable things.  I guess we all make mistakes, and this is compounded by not being 100% in control of my environment, but I feel bad.  Worse, I feel I’ve completely screwed up Pesach and lost my share in the World to Come for (possibly) eating chametz on Pesach. [Redacted.]

I’m worried about big things (Pesach, starting my new job next week) and little ones, too trivial to mention.  Somehow the little things seem the most important.  I guess my mind is trying to ignore the bigger ones.

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