I’m currently frustrated because I normally have therapy over Skype at this time.  My therapist phoned me a minute or so before the start time to say it would have to be over the phone this week because she was having phone and internet problems because of the heat.  I assumed she meant her landline was faulty, as she was phoning on her mobile, but in retrospect this may have been a mistake on my part.  I wasn’t quite ready, so I asked if I could phone back in a minute.  I’ve phoned fifteen or more times in the last hour or so but I keep getting a message that her phone is unavailable.  I tried texting, but no response to that either.  I’ve sent emails and tried to Skype her, but now I’m having problems with Skype and I just got an email from her implying she hasn’t seen my emails.  I am not at all sure what happened there.  I assume something has gone wrong with her phone suddenly (or, more likely, again).  I don’t know why she didn’t give me her landline number when I phoned, if she knew she was having problems with her mobile, or why she didn’t try to phone me back when I failed to get through to her, or why she’s sent me emails that imply that she hasn’t read my emails or texts.

I suppose this sums up how I feel at the moment.  As I’ve hinted, there are a couple of things in the pipeline that could be really good for me, both at work and in my private life, but I’m having to wait a lot for them and still don’t know if they will come about.  I want to talk about them, but don’t dare to.  I suppose it’s silliness and superstition really (I’m not normally superstitious), but I feel talking about them will somehow make them less likely to happen.  Certainly if I talk them up now and they don’t happen then I have to go round to everyone I told about them and say they’ve fallen through, which is always frustrating; last time I spoke about something like this, someone congratulated me on it after it had fallen through because they hadn’t seen my latest post, which was awkward and just brought up difficult thoughts when I wanted to draw a line under the situation.  I will say that the work thing seems to have a strong chance of working out, but that the personal thing is still up in the air and is likely to be for some time.

I don’t think I’m a particularly impatient person, but I do find it hard to wait for something when I don’t know how it will turn out, being caught between hope and despair.  I’m a pessimistic person, but I do hope a lot that things will improve, but then I seem to be more upset when they don’t, even though part of me was expecting things to fall through all along.  The nineteenth century rabbi, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov said that if you say that things are bad, God says, “You think this is bad?  I’ll show you what bad really is!” but if you say that things are good, God says, “You think this is good?  I’ll show you what good really is!”  I’m not sure how much I feel comfortable with that (I dislike the idea of such a capricious-seeming deity), but it’s probably true that people who see life positively and with gratitude experience more joy than those who are constantly anxious or complaining.   You can become less of a complainer and more grateful, but I’m not sure how to become less pessimistic and despairing, particularly if, like me, you’ve tried CBT for it without success.

EDIT: I’ve now found out what the problem was earlier: it’s a long story, but it basically amounts to me getting confused about which of my therapist’s phones was broken and the caller ID on my mobile just confusing me further.  I feel pretty stupid, although it was an easy enough mistake to make.  I’m not quite sure why my therapist didn’t try calling me back on her functional landline (which I thought was broken, and which I didn’t think I had the number for anyway, although it turned out I did have it).

2 thoughts on “Waiting Anxiously

  1. Ah that sucks. I’m sure your therapist will get back to you though, it’s kind of their job. But aghh It’s so frustrating, specially when you really need the session. Stay strong!


  2. Yeah, I’m lucky that today I didn’t really have anything I was desperate to say. It’s really business as usual at the moment, just waiting for things to develop. But it is awful being left hanging, especially when I’m not sure which, if any, of my messages she received and whether I need to keep trying to tell her I’m OK.


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