Just a quick update: I went to depression group last night for the first time in some months, which was good.  I forgot that it feels good to talk, but also to listen to other people, although sometimes I find it hard not to get overwhelmed by their issues as well as my own.  I did manage to initiate conversation with two people there, which was good for my social anxiety – admittedly people I already knew, but it was still a positive achievement.  I will see if I can go to one of next month’s meetings.  The group meets meet every second Monday and last Thursday of the month.  Since changing jobs, I don’t like to go to the Monday meetings, as I don’t get home until nearly 11pm and it takes me a while to get to bed (I need to do meditation and hitbodedut, make my lunch and pack for work and do my muscle relaxation exercises which all takes time, particularly if I’m tired) and I like to get seven hours sleep before getting up about 6.45am, which doesn’t really work out, but they are talking about dealing with being depressed at work on the next Monday meeting, so maybe I’ll try to make the effort as I am stressed at work at the moment.

I saw my doctor today and he’s increased the dosage of my anti-depressant (clomipramine).  The pharmacy didn’t have the increased dose in, but hopefully will have by this afternoon so I can start the higher dose this evening, although these things take time to have an effect.  The doctor has already booked a follow-up appointment with me for next month, which is good.

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