Not much to report.  I somehow managed to get up in time for the Megillah reading at shul (synagogue) this morning.  True, I missed the first half of the service, but I got there for the whole Megillah reading, which was the object of the exercise.  I also got to work, although shul and train delays from the snow led me to arrive an hour and a half late.  I do feel a bit left out at not going to a Purim seudah (festive meal) and having to work instead, particularly seeing the jokey messages on the shul Whatsapp.  Another reason to think about changing job, I guess.  Not to mention finding friends who I can eat with.  To be fair, I did get myself invited to the seudah my sister went to last year and someone at shul offered to find me a seudah this year if I wanted, but I had to work.

I seem to have done OK this week.  I have felt a bit better, and haven’t been crying at work so much, so perhaps the higher dosage of clomipramine is helping, although something is stopping me from falling asleep at night, despite being exhausted.  I have also started drinking coffee instead of tea at breakfast.  I don’t like coffee much (although I do like coffee ice cream and coffee chocolate), but it seems to do a better job of keeping me awake until lunch time.  I’m also trying to use my self-help CBT book to help with my social anxiety, but I’m not sure I’m going to have the confidence to face my fears as required.

Oh, and apparently some company has developed a hologram image for virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.  Apparently they want her to be a companion for people living alone (sounds scarily like Blade Runner 2049).  My immediate thought was, I would probably get desperate enough to ask her to marry me.  My second thought was, what if she tells me that she thinks she can do better?

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