I wasn’t planning on writing today.  A few things happened over Shabbat (the Sabbath), but I was going to leave them until tomorrow or later.  I slept through too much of the day again and am not tired now (it’s midnight as I begin to type), but that’s a minor thing.  But then I read a post on a blog I follow that upset me.

I won’t link to the blog as I comment there under my own name.  But it’s the blog of someone else Jewish very much like me: frum (religious) upbringing, but I think not currently frum, but severely depressed, lonely, social anxious, autistic and possibly also with OCD.  Also PTSD from being abused in hospital, which I don’t have.  She is currently very depressed and suicidal.  I have been praying for her for some months, since finding out how depressed she is, and hoping that things will improve for her because I know exactly what she is going through.  I comment on her blog when she posts, which is very irregularly, but she never responds and I worry that I am making things worse, although I’m not sure how I would be doing that.

It’s very frustrating seeing her like that and knowing that there is nothing I can do to help her.  I’m reluctant to give her my email address in case she misinterprets and given that she has never responded, I doubt she would want to email me anyway.  I just wish there was something I could do to help her.  I guess I know how my family and friends feel about me now.

4 thoughts on “Mirror Image

  1. Keep praying for her – that IS doing something. I’ll pray for her too. (I don’t know her name but you can text me if you want to tell me.)


  2. I texted you her name and blog address. I suppose I feel irreligiously sceptical about praying sometimes – I’ve been praying for years to get better, to get married, to be happy, without result. Likewise I’ve been praying for people I know to be healed, get married or have children without result. Still, someone I had been praying for to get married for years recently got married, so maybe I should be more positive.


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