I ate a load of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream as a reward for getting through the holiday and now my mood has plummeted.  It’s definitely looking as if binging on the sugar is bad for my mood as well as my waist and is probably at least one reason why my mood often slumps after eating out, as I don’t often eat out and so often indulge in a piggy dessert.  I guess I should monitor my mood on Shabbat, as that’s when I eat the most junk, particularly if I get to shul (synagogue) as I eat a lot in kiddush to avoid talking to people from social anxiety.  So that’s another of life’s innocent pleasures denied me.  I’m not sure how many I actually have left.

(Also, why does Phish Food claim to contain “chocolatey shaped fish” when it actually contains “fish shaped chocolate”.  Chocolatey shaped fish would be lumps of fish shaped like chocolate in your ice cream – yuk!)

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