Just further to my last post I think it’s probably a good thing that I started thinking idly about what I would write about Jewish influence on Doctor Who (and the Nazi influence on the Daleks) if I end up doing a PhD on it, and I ended up spending an hour with ideas constantly flowing resulting in well over a page of typed notes.  Not sure about the ‘making a contribution to knowledge’ side of things, although I think there is definitely scope to talk about the presentation of both religion and Jewishness in Doctor Who in particular and the media in general, perhaps also to write about the fact that, while many science fiction and fantasy authors have been ethnically Jewish, only a tiny minority have engaged with Jewish identity and issues in a more than superficial way, or indeed in any way at all.

(I also have long had ideas for an essay about John le Carré and the Jews, which would probably be easier to defend as a contribution to knowledge, but harder to spin into a whole thesis.  Though it suggests that I could make a career out of Judaising identity politics and cultural studies…)

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