Or bad news/good news.

  1. I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for this week.  I’m secretly relieved they didn’t phone, as I was dreading having to speak to anyone who interviewed me, but I was a bit annoyed by the very impersonal email notification that wasn’t even signed properly.
  2. My autism screening went very well.  On the screening test I scored 40/50 where 32/50 and above indicates 80% chances of autism, so I’m quite comfortably in that bracket.  My interview answers and those of my Mum also supported that conclusion, which is good.  I can now be referred on for a(nother) formal assessment, but I can immediately attend free workshops about autism at the organisation that did the screening.  Also, my parents can go to a family and careers workshop, which I think will be helpful for them (they’re keen on going).  I did shake through the whole interview with nerves, though.

It’s good to have some recognition that I have genuine problems with communication, and noisy environments and that I’m not just being stupid or difficult.  It’s also good to realise that I haven’t been pursuing an idée fixe all these years that I’ve been wondering if I really am on the spectrum despite my previous negative assessments.

No time for more detail as it’s nearly Shabbat; perhaps more on Saturday night.

Shabbat shalom, Chanukah sameach and chodesh tov!

6 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News Again

  1. I’m glad you got some validation, and now hopefully you’ll get some treatment. Crazy how we have to practically twist their arms sometimes to get them to realize a diagnosis we’ve known all along.


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