Just a quick note.  My sister and brother-in-law came over for the last night of Chanukah.  I had a good time, but I felt extra autistic at times.  I’m not always good at focusing on the conversation and successfully joining in when lots of people are talking at the same time (I end up either interrupting or, more usually, missing the window for saying something), as was the case over dinner, but the conversation was mainly about the ongoing building works at my sister and b-i-l’s house and my sister’s driving lessons.  The former just made me feel a bit… not upset exactly, but wistful, I suppose for still being unmarried and living with my parents, while the driving discussion made me think that I’m thirty-five and I have never had a driving lesson because of anxiety and fear that I would not be coordinated enough to manage to drive safely.  (Bear in mind I’m two and a half years older than my sister, which makes all this feel worse.)  I feel rather drained now everyone has gone too and am probably coming off a sugar rush from the massive doughnut I ate.  Still, I got some nice books and DVDs as presents over the last eight days (because obviously shabby materialism is more important than family, religion, spirituality or competent maturity).

The last episode of this year’s run of Doctor Who was OK, but not great.  Apparently there’s only one episode next year (New Year’s Day special), but this season was very hit and miss, so perhaps a rethink is needed.  I don’t feel too sad about that, despite my melancholy mood, as I find watching new episodes vaguely painful, in case they’re not good.  It’s easier when I’m rewatching something and know what to expect.  This is probably also autism.  Certainly watching episodes multiple times is.

2 thoughts on “Last Night of Chanukah

  1. I’m always interrupting or struggle to find the right time to put my thoughts across. I often feel if I wait I’ll either miss the opportunity or completely forget what it was I wanted to say.
    I get annoyed if I’m spoken over the top of (not interrupted, but like what I have to say isn’t interesting enough) but also get very uncomfortable if I have other’s full attention! It’s a no win situation!


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