I spent the afternoon at the Peanuts exhibition at Somerset House with my Dad, although we ended up going around separately as we react differently in museums.  I read faster than he does and I skip a lot of the audio-visual displays whereas he is more interested in those, so I went round a lot faster than he did.  It was enjoyable, but there wasn’t that much more to it than a lot of cartoons, some interesting, but slightly pretentious commentary and some very pretentious art ‘inspired’ by Peanuts.  The original cartoons were funny, though, and I guess it’s interesting that most of the artists failed to notice that or at least failed to reflect it in their art which was more about Saying Important Things than humour.  Says it all, really.

I began to feel lonely and depressed again soon after leaving, though, and I’m not quite sure why.  Low blood sugar might be a factor by this point, as it’s now 7.30pm and, aside from two pieces of fruit, I haven’t eaten for six hours.  It’s amazing how quickly I fall into the ‘nobody could ever love me’ spiral.

I wanted to start painting my Doctor Who miniatures this evening.  I undercoated them months ago and they have been sitting on my desk, all sprayed white like refugees from The Land of Fiction.  However, it has got late and I’m tired and depressed, so that will have to wait.  My choice for tonight is between watching Jonathan CreekSherlock and Doctor Who.  I feel like Buridan’s Ass.

I have been told by a job agency that I have been offered a job interview next Tuesday at a university.  I didn’t get the phone call as I was on the Tube and by the time I phoned them back it was nearly 5pm and no one answered.  The problem (aside from the fact that I don’t know what the job is) is that I have an autism workshop on Tuesday and it’s an important introductory one that they say to go to soon after screening.  I will have to see if I can rearrange the interview for another day.  To be honest, I don’t actually feel competent to do a job at the moment, but I don’t know how to say that to people without sounding lazy.

I’m actually slightly surprised people are still interviewing this close to the end of the year, although I suppose most places are open until the end of next week at least.  I’m worried about the other workshops and classes I have signed up for in the new year; my parents say to actually get the job first, which is probably sensible.

The Peanuts exhibition led me to think again about diversity and that no one in fiction is really like me (the closest ones are aliens like the Doctor or robots like Commander Data).  If I ever develop the ability to write middlebrow adventure fiction, I want to write about an Orthodox Jewish male autistic social phobic private detective and an equally Orthodox female scientist with OCD and depression who together have science fictional/mystery adventures like John Steed and Mrs Peel in The Avengers.  I haven’t yet decided whether they are celibate outside of marriage or asexual; I guess it depends on whether I want to increase or rule out sexual tension.  I’m definitely male, but I find myself identifying more and more with geeky women for some reason.

2 thoughts on “Good Grief!

  1. Congrats on the job interview. Remember, every interview is good practice. If you look at it that way, it takes a lot of the pressure off. Buridan’s ass–that was new to me! Your fund of knowledge is impressive. I hope you’ll share a pic of your Dr. Who miniatures in process or when they’re done. They sound really neat.


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