I feel burnt out today.  I left work late yesterday and then went to shiur (religious class) and didn’t get time to really relax as I spent my evening writing a long, emotional blog post, so it’s probably no surprise that I’m burnt out today.  I need downtime to relax and engage in my special interests to recuperate, not just to sleep, hence I feel exhausted even though I slept for eleven hours, because I didn’t have much time for TV or reading yesterday.

I spent today writing a job application for the somewhat mysterious writing post.  It’s a writing job, and part-time, so worth pursuing.  The tricky thing is that a lot of my writing experience has been writing about my bad mental health, which isn’t necessarily something one wants to show to a potential employer.

I managed to revise my CV for a writing job (it was geared to either librarianship or research).  I dug out some old pieces to send as samples.  I actually had to reconstitute two from online versions, as I’m really bad at keeping old writing.  It’s only recently that I have thought of writing professionally, so I simply got rid of stuff in the past.  I was told to submit recent work, but most of my recent writing deals too much with depression to feel comfortable sharing with a potential new boss, although one piece that I actually submitted deals with OCD and another could potentially lead them to this blog, if they decide to look for where it appeared on Hevria.com.  I think that’s just a chance I have to take to get a good spread of material to show my interests and talents.

As well as the OCD piece, which appeared on Den of Geek, there is something I wrote for Hevria on religion and my essay for Outside In (a collection of Doctor Who reviews), which is very old, but deals with politics and is worth including as the job is current affairs-based (admittedly it deals with 1970s politics, but that just shows I have depth and can contextualise – if anything the essay is more relevant in the era Corbyn and Momentum).

I got everything sorted, only to realise that as the job advert was through a closed mailing list so I couldn’t reply.  I tried to set up an account, but it’s a list for shomer Shabbat people only and they vet people, so it would take days to get accepted.  I logged in through my Mum’s account (with her permission obviously) and sent my CV and samples of my writing.  I hope they realise that it’s not her applying for the job.  I did say that in the email and of course my real contact details are on the CV so it should be OK.  I hope.

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