This is an addendum to my previous post, really.  I thought I was too burnt out from volunteering to do anything worthwhile tonight, but after two episodes of Star Trek (one Next Generation, one original series) I decided that I can’t binge watch Star Trek like I can Doctor Who and decided to Do Something, especially as I felt a bit less burnt out.  After twenty-five minutes of Torah study, I decided to work on my Doctor Who book.  Fortunately, the next chapter was a rather short one.  I sat in the garden (my Dad’s cousins had gone) and worked on it for a while.  I probably spent about an hour and a half on it overall; time seems to flow much faster and more painlessly when I’m writing.

That’s why I’m writing this addendum, really, to note that I am plotting a way to start writing more.  I know that so far I have had trouble finding publishers, but I’m hoping to one day crack that, although worryingly I’m not entirely sure how.  I think writing would be better for me as a career than my previous jobs, as depression and autism make the workplace fraught with difficulty for me.  I think autistic people can often only work in highly specialised areas (IT is the classic one) and writing is the only one really open to me.  I would definitely benefit from greater control over my work environment and working hours (I would be willing to work later if I could avoid early mornings, as my depression is typically worst in the morning and best in the afternoon and early evening).  I’ve quietly been working more on my book.  I am still applying for jobs and would accept one if I got one, but I’ve made sure to work a lot on my book and try to finish it ASAP.  My self-imposed deadline is Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year – end of September this year), but if I can get it finished before then, that would be even better.  I’m two thirds of the way through the fourth draft at the moment and I hope to start submitting it to publishers once I’ve got this draft finished.

I haven’t told my parents much about this yet.  They know about the book, but I haven’t told them how much I am working on it and how much I’m hoping that I can make a career of writing.  My Dad said that if I get a book published, then I can consider myself a writer, so I’m waiting until I have actually been published before I decide whether to stop the job search.

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