This is just checking in, really.  Not a lot happened today.  I went out to get my prescription and blood test results (I think my lithium level is at the bottom of the therapeutic range, which is a bit worrying, but my mood is mostly OK, so maybe it’s not doing much) and painted the two accessible sides of my parents’ garden shed.  It will need at least one more coat next week.  It’s fairly mindless, repetitive activity that I find quite soothing, especially listening to calming music on my iPod.  This was necessary, as politics continues to upset me.  I did about an hour of Torah study, which was good.  I wanted to work for another hour on my novel, but ran out of time and energy.  I just wrote for about fifteen minutes, writing about four hundred words.

And that was it, really.  Tomorrow I have another job to apply for that came in late this evening.

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