I’m trying to type this on my phone. I’m not sure how it will work…

My parents and I spent the day (well, afternoon – none of us are early risers) at Bental, a mountain (hill, really) in Northern Israel from which there are stunning views towards Lebanon and Syria as well as of Mount Hermon, Israel’s tallest mountain. There are remains of military fortifications from the Yom Kippur War, where a small number of Israeli tanks held off a much larger invading Syrian force. There was supposed to be a film about it screened in a kibbutz at the foot of the mountain, but it wasn’t signposted and we couldn’t find it.

Because of looking for that film we ended up at a loose end afterwards. It was too late to start anything new, as all the tourist sites were shutting, but we didn’t want to come home. My parents went grocery shopping in Katsin, a small town. I sat in the town centre and listened to a Doctor Who audiobook. We came home for a bit and are going for dinner soon, either pizza or falafel (hopefully).

I still feel exhausted.  I feel bad that I sleep so late and get so tired as I feel I’m slowing everyone down. Realistically my parents would not be going much faster, but I wouldn’t cope with going on holiday with a partner or children. I also feel bad that my Hebrew isn’t fluent or even conversational, but there isn’t much I can do about that at the moment either.

I’m also worried that I’ve upset another blog friend, although perhaps I’m projecting the fact that she offended me. I seem to have fallen out with a lot of online friends in recent years.

I can’t escape the general election even in the Middle  East as my parents insist on having Sky News on…

7 thoughts on “Bental

  1. Even if your Hebrew was impeccable when it came to reading, of course speaking will be a challenge if you’re not regularly practicing.

    I have great respect for people who can go on active international holidays with a spouse and kids, but that seems like a great deal of work that would leave everyone more tired post-holiday than they were beforehand.


  2. Goodness gracious, you’re the most inoffensive person I know! I can’t imagine that you’ve offended anyone!! 😮 I don’t blame you for being tired–I’d be a walking zombie! 😀 For seriousness. And don’t worry so much about being anti-vacation. Not everyone can do all things! If you and E ever get married and she wants to go on vacay, maybe she can go on her own, and you can stay home! Easy solutions! I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself! You’re a great person! 🙂 I hope you get some rest!!


    1. I’ve offended people in the past, sadly. The current instance is someone who wrote that people in the past were too busy to have depression or mental illness, which is wrong on many levels and I felt I should politely challenge her. But she was writing in a context of grief for her mother who died so maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

      Thank you for saying I’m a great person.

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