I had a busy day and a bit.  I was invited out to Shabbat (Sabbath) dinner.  It was good, but there were a lot of boisterous children and I wasn’t really sure how to deal with them (more evidence against a career in primary education).  For most of the time I was the only adult guest, although someone else turned up briefly before dessert; he tried to talk to me, but by that stage I was pretty ‘peopled out’ and unable to say much.  I certainly wasn’t up to the usual type of conversation where I have to correct other people’s views of what it is that librarians do.  I got home early enough to do some Torah study and to read for a bit, but I couldn’t sleep (again).  Once I did get to sleep, I slept through Shacharit (Morning Service) again today, which frustrates me, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do about it right now.  The afternoon was the usual: shul (synagogue) and Talmud shiur (class).

After Shabbat I did some interview preparation for Monday, as far as I was able, given that there isn’t a job description yet, and then went for a run.  The latter wasn’t great; it was late, I was tired, I was worried about slipping in the mud and wet leaves in the dark and I kept getting out of breath and having to drop into a walk more often than has recently been the case.  Plus, I was experimenting with listening to an episode of a Doctor Who audio drama instead of music, but forgot my iPod tends to revert to shuffle when off, so suddenly it jumped to the middle of the episode I listened to on Friday and I had to stop my run to fiddle around with it.  It didn’t help that the story (Sword of Orion) is, so far, so hugely derivative of 1980s story Earthshock that it seems more like plagiarism than homage).

Now I’ve ended up with an exercise migraine again.  Not so much of a headache, but I feel rather nauseous.  I’m glad I noticed it was coming on and avoided cheese for dinner as I originally intended.  That could have ended badly.  I’m not sure what to do now.  I wanted to work on my novel, but don’t feel well enough.  I could go to bed, but don’t feel tired and in any case lying down is likely to make my headache worse.  Possibly I will listen to another episode of Sword of Orion.


I feel I have three main fears at the moment:

  1. I won’t get the job I’m being interviewed for on Monday;
  2. I will get the job I’m being interviewed for on Monday, but I won’t be able to do it and will get fired somewhere down the line;
  3. Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister.

I’m not sure which of these is the more likely, or the more dangerous.  I do genuinely have a gut feeling that Labour will win the election, albeit that ‘winning’ is probably going to be scraping together a minority government of some kind as per 2010 and 2017 rather than an outright majority.  This will almost certainly cause the economy to tank.  I think people have the right to vote for economic suicide, so I’m more worried about the Jewish community.  I’m not sure where this would leave us, aside from beleaguered, or more beleaguered than usual…  I pointed out to a non-Jewish friend today that Jewish schools have been doing terrorist intruder drills for decades.  A Prime Minister who openly describes Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends,” notwithstanding their stated desire to kill all the Jews in the world may not make that situation worse, but it can’t make it better.  I’ve seen it suggested that organisations that identify as Zionist or affiliate with Israel in any way could lose their charitable status.  As the vast majority of British Jews do strongly affiliate with Israel, this could see all Jewish shuls, schools, university Jewish Societies and sundry other charities losing their charitable status with all that entails in terms of tax relief and gift aid.  And that, I’m sure, would only be the beginning.  Expect Jews to blamed for that coming economic crash – not directly, but with the usual far-left codewords (“capitalists,” “banksters,” “neocons,” “neo-liberals,” “Rothschilds,” “Zionists” etc.).

There, now I’ve gone and made myself depressed again, and I feel too ill to sleep.  Doctor Who awaits…

8 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Well, you lost me with all the political stuff. It doesn’t come easy to my brain! But I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your party wins!

    I think you’ll do great at the job interview! 🙂


  2. Good luck with the interview on Monday. I hope you like the place and the people. Hope you will be able to sense whether you might fit in there. Sometimes I find it helps to actually admit to the interviewer that your’re a bit anxious. Most people can relate to that and it sends a signal that you are serious minded and conscientious. Do your best to pray about it and then leave it in God’s hands … As for Jeremy Corbyn … it is right not to assume anything but at the moment the polls suggest he is not doing very well. A lot of people are afraid of him. My main concern is voter turnout in December — voter apathy may very well skew the results along with the large number of Labour students who have been encouraged to break the law and vote twice and may well do so. Yet we must try not to worry about things we can do nothing about. All we can do is pray, and vote!


    1. I hadn’t heard about people breaking electoral law, that’s quite scary.

      Labour aren’t doing well, but I don’t think the Conservatives are either, so the result could be some kind of hung Parliament and coalition again.


  3. It’s certainly not a positive state of affairs when the main options are Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

    I don’t think that being unsure about how to deal with boisterous children at a social function would necessarily translate to being unable to deal with children in a school setting. At a social function, you have no power. In a classroom, you would have all the power, and that would reinforce any action that you chose.

    Good luck with the interview!


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