I went to a workshop on using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for job hunting this morning.  I didn’t learn much.  Then I came home and spent fifteen minutes on Twitter, trying to see if any useful tweets about library jobs had appeared on my feed in the last seventeen hours or so.  I didn’t get through everything posted on my feed in that period.  I saw several scary posts about antisemitism in the Labour Party (including a clip of pro-Labour protesters saying that Jews are all rich and powerful and make up stories about antisemitism) and a nice photo of Mark Gatiss playing George III, but no jobs.  Then, as per our instructions this morning, I tried searching for #librarianjobs near me.  Nothing at all.  Not one tweet.  Loads if I got rid of the “near me” qualification, but I don’t want to move abroad for a job.  I tried a couple of other hashtags without success.  I don’t think I’m going to get a job via social media.  And I hope I never go on Twitter ever again, although that seems unlikely.

As well as social media, I’ve been told to look directly at academic library websites to see if they have jobs going.  Supposedly this will let me find jobs not listed via the usual agencies and mailing lists.  I’m not convinced that this is the case, and there are a LOT of academic libraries in London to check every day.  Anyway, my problem is as much about winning jobs as finding them.  The workshop next week is on interview skills, but given that I haven’t learnt much in the last two weeks’ workshops, I’m not that hopeful for next week, although obviously interpersonal stuff is something that I struggle with from an autistic point of view.

I was pretty much exhausted after this, especially as I only got about seven hours of sleep last night (usually it’s nine or ten when I’m this depressed).  I spent an hour writing a devar Torah (Torah thought) that I’m quite pleased with to share with my family on Shabbat (the Sabbath) and with E. via email.  I’m still conflicted about sending these divrei Torah to friends from shul.  I’d like something that I put so much effort into to have a wider audience, but I’m too scared of rejection for being too ‘modern’ (this week I’ve built the argument on an idea I heard from a Modern Orthodox Rosh Yeshiva).

Other than that I did some chores: shopping (bought a photo album that had a £10 sticker on it, but which turned out to be only £5, which was good), replaced the broken light pull cord for the light over my bed and hoovered my room.  I spent some time working on my novel too.  I wanted to spend an hour on it; in the end, it was three-quarters of an hour, although I wasted much of the first fifteen minutes procrastinating as I struggled to find the voice of another narrator, as well as doubling back in fictional time.  I didn’t have the time to do some other chores I wanted to do, which was a shame.


I’m still worried about the election, not least because of those Labour antisemites.  Even beyond them, I agree with Ed West that this is the “the Alien v Predator v Terminator election – whoever wins, we lose. Unless no one wins, in which case we lose even more.”  Some of my friends have sufficient loyalty to a party to campaign for them, which astounds me, like someone wondering how their friend could marry someone so (whatever).  I genuinely can’t see beyond the negative in any party and will be voting for the least worst option in a process that is as much strategic as anything else.

I don’t like to pre-order unpublished books as doing so in the past has led to complications when the publication date is pushed back or even cancelled, but I pre-ordered the new Doctor Who: Ground Zero graphic novel (which I’ve basically been waiting for the past twenty-three years) as it’s being released on Thursday, so I should at least have something good happen that day even if British civilisation comes to an inelegant stop.


There’s a “pre-Chanukah” event at my shul (synagogue) next Saturday evening (I don’t know why it’s not on Chanukah).  I don’t think I’m going to go.  I know I should, to make friends and be part of the community, but I don’t think I would enjoy it.  There’s doughnuts (I’m trying to lose weight), a cocktail bar (I don’t drink), opportunities to talk to people (yikes!) and stuff for children (which will just make me feel miserable about my failure to marry and have children).  Also live music (I’m not really fussed) and fireworks (nice, but not enough to overcome all the negatives).  It’s no wonder single people in the frum (religious Orthodox Jewish) community see themselves as being on the fringes.


Twice this week I thought I had ordered something, wondered why it hadn’t arrived, realised I hadn’t got a dispatch email, searched and eventually realised I hadn’t actually ordered the item.  Possibly my my mind’s already tenuous grip on reality is slackening.  Now James Bond will not arrive until mid-week, and I rushed to finish re-watching The Prisoner needlessly.


I probably won’t blog tomorrow as it’s going to be busy, as winter Fridays always are for frum Jews.  I have a fasting blood test in the morning (the one postponed from the other week when the surgery didn’t tell me that it was supposed to be a fasting blood test not a non-fasting one as usual) and then in the afternoon I’ll be going over to my sister’s for Shabbat, which I’m somewhat apprehensive about, which I suspect/hope is mostly just autistic fear of new experiences and not anything deeper or more serious.

6 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense, Mostly Stuff

  1. Well done for fixing the light pull cord. You said you’d been procrastinating over it for ages. Pat on the back for that job done !


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