I had an interview workshop today.  It wasn’t terribly helpful, although I did get a useful list of common competency questions for which I should prepare answers.  I don’t actually know how I would answer some of them.  I’m not good at thinking of work situations I’ve been in that answer these sorts of questions.

I got a text from the doctor saying my cholesterol is high, but not high enough to need medication.  I guess this is based on the blood test I had on Friday, although it seems rather quick.  I’m not sure what to do about it.  I’ve also been slightly overweight for a while.  The medication I’m on is associated with significant weight gain and I think that’s why I’ve put on so much weight, while eating the same or less, but I don’t know what to do about the cholesterol.  I’m not sure how well I eat.  I eat a lot of fruit and veg and little junk food, and I’ve even cut down on that lately, but I do eat a lot of cheese (high in cholesterol) and I don’t exercise as much as I would like, particularly in the winter.  I only eat meat on Shabbat and Yom Tov (Sabbath and festivals) and even then it’s often white meat not red.  I don’t think I’m that unhealthy, but I’m stuck in a downward spiral because of medication-induced weight gain.  It’s depressing both that I’m getting fat and unhealthy and in that I’ve had to cut out one of the few things I enjoyed, the occasional treat.  As with depression treatment, it feels like I do most of the right things, but somehow it doesn’t work.

I’m still worried about the threat of antisemitic violence around the election.  It’s scary that so many people seem to genuinely believe that there’s a massive Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, or convince themselves that there is to justify Jew-hatred.  This led to frequent murderous pogroms in late nineteenth/early twentieth century Russia and to genocide in Germany in the ’30s and ’40s.  Even so, I wasn’t going to mention it yet again until I saw this Jerusalem Post article that opens “Hamas officials in both Gaza and London are working in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, ahead of the UK general election on Thursday.”  Hamas is a terrorist group whose Charter calls for the deaths of all Jews everywhere in the world.  That’s me, my family and most of my friends.  How is this OK?  How is this “progressive”?  Please tell me that, Eddie Izzard, Alexei Sayle, Maxine Peake and all the other “celebrities” who have been flocking to signal their supposed virtue by supporting Labour at this election.  How is this any different from Donald Trump retweeting far-right hate sites?  Corbyn has been endorsed by Holocaust denier David Irving, neo-Nazi former British National Party leader Nick Griffin and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke.  They know he’s not “anti-Zionist,” he’s anti-Jews.

I know there is hardly anyone reading this that can even vote in the election, and I’m not expecting to change anyone’s mind at this stage, just to stress how worried I am and how worried most British Jews are about this election and the way we our fears been dismissed both by Labour and many members of the public.  On the news last night, the latest leaked Labour Party documents show that party members describing Jews as viruses and calling for them all to be killed were not made to resign from the Labour Party and were given a slight reprimand at most.  And yet they insist they are an “anti-racist” party and that the Jews are the real racists for wanting their own country.

I wanted to write to off-load, but it’s just making me feel worse.  Going to post and run.

6 thoughts on “Bad, Bad, Bad

  1. It seems so bizarre that antisemitism still seems to be going strong in the UK. Of all the things to get worked up over, why pick Jewish people? And to blame all Jewish people for the choices made by the Israeli government seems just astonishingly stupid.


    1. For years, there seemed to be relatively little antisemitism in the UK. Then Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015 and suddenly it was unleashed. I would not have expected this situation in 2014. I didn’t even think it could be this bad in 2017.

      So, I guess the question is, were people antisemitic all along and just suppressing it? Or is it really that easy to get people to hate a minority? Either way, it could just as easily happen in any other Western country.

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  2. I’m an expert at answering job interview questions. If you have any you need an answer for, please forward them to me! I know all the tricks, and I always get the job. I was taught some insider secrets at an employment workshop once, and I committed them all to memory.


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