I have had insomnia three days (or nights) running now.  I’m not sure what has brought this on, although my sleep hygiene has arguably become poor lately, with staying up very late watching DVDs and then struggling to sleep afterwards and possibly drinking too much caffeine during the day.

I went for a run, but it wasn’t a good one, as I kept getting out of breath and getting cramp pains in my legs and having to walk for a bit.  Then I accidentally misread and wiped the run data from my iPod exercise tracker, so I’m not sure how my average pace compared with previous runs.

I met an old friend for dinner.  There is a group of four of us (including myself) who were all at university together and met through the Jewish Society and have stayed in contact over the years (although one dropped out of the group for a while when she moved to the USA for several years).  We still stay in touch and meet up every so often to catch up, although it gets harder now that we don’t all live in London and one of our group has got married.  Only two of us were able to make it tonight, but we hope to meet in a larger group in the new year.  The friend who was there said that one of the ones who was not able to make it had had a baby daughter some months ago.  I was happy for him (and not really sad for myself; as I said yesterday, I’m feeling pretty resigned to my fate by now and feeling that I exist in a different universe to most people in terms of life expectations), but sad and a bit worried that I am out of the loop by not being on social media.  This is not the first time I’ve missed a friend’s life-cycle events in this way (although I am aware that on some level at least it’s not my responsibility to continually message friends to ask if they’ve had any babies or other significant life events recently).

I was naughty and ate chocolate volcano cake and ice cream at the restaurant.  This probably negates the weight lost by exercise and avoiding junk over Shabbat and most the last fortnight or so.  It was worth it.

Although I did not do much today, I did not get much time to work on my novel, especially as I had to write a difficult email that took up time.  Even though I only spent twenty minutes or so on it, I wrote over 400 words, close to my daily target of 500 words, which is good.

Other than that not a lot happened today.  I ready an interesting Torah essay on the bus to and from the restaurant that I may blog about at some stage, as the content is relevant here.  I’m slightly upset by the fact that it seems that I can no longer read on buses without becoming travel sick, which never used to be a problem for me.  I used to read a lot on buses, sometimes even while standing up.

4 thoughts on ““Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time”

  1. Meg wants the chocolate volcano cake with ice cream! Oh my gosh, yummytastic!!

    Oh, geez. When I was riding the public transits in Prague, it was all I could do to hold on for dear life? Read while standing? You must be talented.

    I’m glad you had a good time with your old friend! 🙂


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