I don’t have much to report today.  Shabbat was pretty normal with all the usual good and bad points.  When I checked my email after Shabbat was over I had some bad news that is troubling me.  My sister and brother-in-law popped in right after I had the bad news, so I wasn’t really able to give them much of my attention.  The bad news plus the sister and BIL visit ate up the time I wanted to use for working on my novel.  So there isn’t much to say tonight.

However, Oryx of The Easy Kill blog nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  Thank you!  My answers are below.


Rules for the award

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

I’m not going to nominate anyone as only a few people read my blog and some of them don’t have blogs of their own, but anyone who is reading this can consider themselves nominated if they want (I like the blogs of every blogger who comments here).  I’ll post some questions at the end.

  1. Why did you start blogging? Did it meet up to your initial expectations?

I’ve been blogging on different platforms since 2006 (I think), so it’s not easy to remember!  I think I wanted to reach out to people.  At the time I was very depressed and unable to work and I was feeling very isolated socially and wanting to reach out to try to find people who understood me.

I think I probably had some unrealistic expectations about what could happen, in terms of the numbers of friends I could make and readers I could get, but I’ve made some good friends from it, some of whom are still reading this blog, so I think that counts as a success.

2. If you could choose one song/piece of music that describes who you are as a person, or that describes some very important part of yourself, which one would it be and why?

I tend to fixate on specific songs at specific times for reasons that aren’t always clear to me and then to suddenly transfer that attention to another song, but I think one song that resonates with me a lot is Does Everyone Stare by The Police, which is about a socially awkward man who is worried that he is alienating his girlfriend by being weird.  I can empathise with that.

3. What musical instrument do you play/ do you wish you could play/ do you like to hear the most?

I don’t play an instrument and have never really wanted to play one.  I don’t think there is one I like to hear more than any other either.

4. What is something you wish was common knowledge about your mental illness(es)?

For depression, I think that depression is not just about feeling upset, but also about being exhausted all the time.

I think high functioning autism is so misunderstood that almost any aspect could be more well-known, but I guess to clarify that it’s not a mental illness or learning disability, but a social communication and information processing disability and what that entails in terms of interactions with other people and seeming “weird” (which is too much for a short blog post!).

5. Where in the world do you wish you would have grown up and why?

Sometimes I wish I had grown up in New York or Israel, just because the Jewish communities there are so much larger and offer many more options for a Jewish lifestyle than are available in the UK.  But then I think of the downsides of living in those countries and think maybe I was better off growing up in the UK after all.

6. What do you think is an essential quality in a good friend?


7. What is your favourite way to relax?

Watching old episodes of Doctor Who and other classic British TV science fiction.

8. What funny thing happened to you/did you see happening recently?

I’m not sure I can think of anything off the top of my head.

9. Name one realistic goal you want to achieve in the next 5 years.

Finish writing my novel (and get it published, but that’s less realistic).

10. What colour/pattern is your bedroom wallpaper?

Pale blue.

11. What is your favourite dish? Do you like to make it yourself or do you like it best when someone in particular prepares it for you?

I don’t have a huge preference, but probably pizza, ideally cooked for me in a restaurant as frozen pizzas bought from the kosher supermarket never quite taste the same.


OK, on to the questions for whoever wants to be nominated:

  1. Do you have a favourite novel or author?  What do you like about them?
  2. What was your best subject at school?
  3. What is your biggest regret (that you feel comfortable sharing)?
  4. What is your favourite hobby?
  5. What was the last film you watched in the cinema?
  6. Are you a glass half-empty or half-full person?
  7. Did you ever have any pets?
  8. If you were having a very stressful day, what food or drink would you be most likely to reach for in the evening?
  9. Do you speak any other languages?
  10. What do you most wish other people knew about you?
  11. What is your ideal job?

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the award. I’ll go ahead and answer the questions right here.
    1. I like Dickens for the characters he creates but he can be a hard read. Otherwise, Jane Austen for the way she captures human behaviour.
    2. I tended to do best at sciences.
    3. Nothing’s jumping to mind as the single biggest.
    4. Blogging
    5. No idea; it’s been several years,
    6. Just half.
    7. Guinea pigs galore
    8. Wine to drink, food pairing sweet or salty depending on the level of stress
    9. Some French and a bit of Spanish
    10. I can’t think of anything
    11. I’ll say blogger because I don’t think a “real job” is in my future.

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  2. Thanks so much for responding to all of my questions! I can relate so much to your answer about depression. Lately my depression has been a lot better, yet I still feel exhausted all the time. It really is annoying and people mistake it for being lazy unfortunately.

    I’ve never heard that song before, but I really like it. I’m always on the lookout for songs that relate to social anxiety or depression, so I’m really grateful you chose that song in particular. It’s very relatable.

    I really hope your novel will be published as well. I think you’re a really talented writer and despite what you often seem to think and despite your depression you seem to be very productive. I think you have a really big chance of getting published. I have no doubt that your novel is very well researched and proof of your intelligence, so I don’t see why it would be rejected.

    Pizza was an answer I wasn’t expecting, ha! I’m sorry if this is a stupid or disrespectful question, but do you mean you like to eat it at a kosher restaurant or do you sometimes eat non-kosher food as well? For Christmas my dad got me a cook book of the Hoffman brothers, who own a Jewish restaurant in Antwerp, and it’s been really interesting to learn more about the Jewish cuisine and holidays related to the recipes. I’ve tried a few recipes from the book but I don’t know if my attempts were close to the traditional recipes as I’ve never eaten at a Jewish restaurant before (they’re quite scarce in Belgium).

    Anyway, thanks again for answering my questions. I’ll try to answer your questions in a different comment. All the best.


    1. Thanks for the long response, and for saying I’m a talented writer!

      I only eat kosher food and I only eat out at kosher restaurants. There are quite a few around here now, which is good, although the type of cuisine is quite limited. There used to be kosher Indian and kosher Thai restaurants, but they’ve shut now unfortunately, although there are one or two kosher Chinese, as well as Middle Eastern.

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  3. 1. Do you have a favourite novel or author?  What do you like about them?
    My favourite author is Margaret Atwood and my favourite book of hers is Oryx and Crake/ the MadAddam series. It’s a science fiction series that deals with a dystopian world that is quite realistic, as most of the things happening are based on scientific developments that are happening right now. It shows what can happen when science is taken too far, and that’s why I find it so fascinating. It’s not just another unrealistic doomsday novel.

    2. What was your best subject at school?
    English I think. And Dutch and French. Any language really. Definitely not physics/P.E. 😅

    3. What is your biggest regret (that you feel comfortable sharing)?
    That’s a really difficult question. I guess in general not following my gut feeling/interests because I was too insecure and scared and just blindly listened to my parents’ advice without being critical/thinking for myself.

    4. What is your favourite hobby?
    Listening to music and going to gigs, definitely.

    5. What was the last film you watched in the cinema?
    The second It-movie, I think. It’s been a long time since I went to the movies, but I generally like to watch horror movies.

    6. Are you a glass half-empty or half-full person?
    I’m a glass half-empty person unfortunately. At least when it comes to my own life/myself. I think it’s a result of low self-esteem and depression. When it comes to other people I tend to be very optimistic/trying to cheer them up or lift up group spirits.

    7. Did you ever have any pets?
    Yes, I had a lot of them. I’ve had cats, goldfish, chickens, rabbits, geese, hamsters, a ferret, parakeets, white mice, turtles and a tortoise. I’m particularly fond of turtles. There’s still a really old one in our pond.

    8. If you were having a very stressful day, what food or drink would you be most likely to reach for in the evening?
    Chocolate and white wine.

    9. Do you speak any other languages?
    Yes, Dutch and French.

    10. What do you most wish other people knew about you?
    That I’m a good person despite my mental illnesses.

    11. What is your ideal job?
    One that doesn’t require much interaction with other people, and requires a lot of creativity. I’ve applied for a position as a subtitler, and I really hope I’ll be accepted since it would be my ideal job.


    1. Thanks for responding.

      2. Yeah, I was bad at PE too!

      6. That’s similar to me. I am also very much glass half-empty, but try to be more upbeat with my online friends who are struggling with mental illness.

      7. That’s a lot of pets! I’ve only ever had goldfish.

      10. You come across as a good person on your blog.

      11. Good luck with the subtitling job!

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