I woke up at 10.00am feeling OK, except for a sore neck, but somehow I feel asleep again and when I woke up after 12.30pm, I was very depressed and exhausted, although my neck didn’t hurt any more.

I intended to have a run before lunch, but I was too depressed and exhausted to get going, still being in my pyjamas at 3.00pm.  I had a What’sApp chat with E., which at least raised my mood enough to get dressed and have lunch, although I postponed davening (praying) until after lunch, which I don’t like and usually manage to avoid doing.  I wanted to get at least a bit of exercise, so I went for a half hour walk in the cold while it was still just about light.

I emailed some job agencies yesterday to say I’m looking for work again and one emailed me back with something.  I had already seen the job on a job email and hadn’t applied yet as it is full-time, which I don’t feel up to doing, and requires experience with serials management, which I don’t have.  But I thought I should at least go for it and see what happens, so I asked them to put my CV forward.  Of course, I’m now worrying that I’ll have to work on Purim and Pesach and have problems with Shabbat starting early on Fridays and so on, not to mention working full-time or nearly full-time…  I know, I should get the job before I worry about how I will cope with it.

The other major achievement today was finishing the bibliography for my non-fiction Doctor Who book.  It ended up about 100 items, which seems OK for a select bibliography, especially considering I did little research as such, I just drew on nearly thirty years of experience obsessing about Doctor Who and tried retroactively to remember where I’d seen facts years before.  I also spent twenty-five minutes on Torah study, reading The Art of Biblical Poetry, which was a lot given how bad I was feeling.

4 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. Your day got off to a bad start, but then through your efforts and your achievement of several of your goals, it got better. Good job putting one foot in front of the other and getting some things done!


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