Feeling utterly drained and despairing today.  Today everything feels like wading through treacle.  I think “peopling” at depression group was just too much for me yesterday, even with Mum giving me a lift both there and back again (she insisted on the latter, saying that if I caught a cold waiting for the bus home it would be problematic for her starting chemotherapy next week).  This is not good for what is still a winter Friday with fairly early-starting Shabbat (before 5.30pm).  Added to my usual chores, my parents asked me to hoover downstairs and I really needed to hoover my bedroom too.  I wanted to do some Torah study, particularly to prepare for tomorrow’s Talmud class, but my brain just isn’t working, so I’ve ended up watching Star Trek Voyager instead, which might not be sensible, but seems the best chance of getting though the day.

I’m going out for dinner to one of the people I sit with at shul (synagogue), along with the other person who sits with us and his wife.  The dinner should be OK, if I have the energy, as these are the people I feel most comfortable with in the community and two of them (the two men) have some idea of my issues.  Still, it is hard to do anything, let alone “peopling” again when I feel like this.

3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. It sounds like you do have some strategies for these feelings of being overwhelmed by people. For me, it’s reading, walking (by myself), coffee dates with friends who know me well, and mindless TV. Sometimes getting through the day is the best we can do!


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