I had vague feelings of anxiety and some depression today, but not as intense as in recent days.  My sister phoned and I spoke to her for a while.  She and her husband seem to be doing OK, although he is worried about his job security.  It’s scary.  Mum is more or less OK today, but she had a bad spell for a few minutes.  We know that the second day after chemo is often worse for people than the first day, so tomorrow will probably be worse than today.

I did my usual pre-Shabbat (Sabbath) chores, as well as some extras to help around the house.  I wanted to work on my novel, but by the time I had done my chores, it was late and I felt exhausted.  I went for a walk and, while walking, had an idea for a short story that I might write.  I don’t want to get diverted from my novel, but with coronavirus, Mum and everything else, I can’t get into the right headspace for the novel at the moment, and I want to write something darker and stranger and, I guess, shorter to prove to myself that I can still write.

I was pleased by the story in the Jewish Chronicle about the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) rabbi who shut down a shteibel (small synagogue) and beit midrash (study hall) that was still open despite the lockdown, throwing people out while calling them crazy and murderers.  It’s good to see that some people in the Haredi world are taking the pandemic seriously.  Kol hakavod (well done) to him.  I hope my next-door neighbours have learnt the lesson.  I guess I’ll find out shortly.

I hope I’m OK over Shabbat.  I feel the end of the week “I need Shabbat” feeling strongly today.  I’m looking forward to reading, both Torah and recreational reading.

And that’s it, really.

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