The interview (at a primary school for the position of school librarian) was OK, not great and not terrible. They asked a lot of questions, but the interview finished early, so maybe I wasn’t giving long enough and developed answers. I felt I floundered a bit. They asked the question about where I see myself in five years time, in career terms, which I hate, because I don’t really know where I’ll be in five years. I’m not someone with a career progression plan. They also asked if I would accept the job if they offered it today, which I did not like. It seemed a trick question; “No” is obviously the wrong answer, but “Yes” would not just be untrue, but perhaps seems over-eager, and might stop me asking for time to consider if I was offered the job. In the end saying I would ask for time to consider seemed the best option.

I had lunch (indoors rather than in the sukkah because of rain) and then it was time to go on my date with PIMOJ. I don’t really want to say much about it, partly because it was private and partly because although PIMOJ doesn’t know about my blog, I have a gut feeling she wouldn’t want me to write about her. We did seem to have good chemistry and were together for about three hours in all, for coffee and walking in the park. We seemed to have good chemistry and stuff in common – at least, important stuff like values.

It was a good afternoon, but I was very tired by the end. I was also a little worried about COVID. We had been together all afternoon, walking around near other people and in a (admittedly empty) cafe. There were also two Tube journeys on which not everyone was masked or socially distanced. I wasn’t wearing my mask while we were walking or in the cafe and I worry about how close I was to PIMOJ as well as to other passersby. I guess we can’t shield indefinitely; still, I feel vaguely worried, perhaps a bit hypochondriac, but perhaps those are real worries. Maybe I should have worn my mask more despite the discomfort and difficulty speaking, but it is too late now.

On the way home, I was phoned by the headmaster of the primary school. I hadn’t got the job. I wasn’t surprised, as I thought they would want someone with more experience in primary education.

My sister and brother-in-law were here for dinner, which was takeaway and in the sukkah. I don’t eat meat takeaway much nowadays as I only eat meat on Shabbat and Yom Tov (Sabbath and festivals). I decided Chol HaMoed (the intermediate, semi-festive days of the festival) count as sufficiently festive to allow me to eat meat. It was good, but after a couple of hours I was exhausted and unable to “people” much more. I slipped out for ten minutes or so, but it was still hard going back afterwards. When it was decided that it was too cold to stay in the sukkah, but sister and BIL stayed indoors for another cup of herbal tea, I decided I had to ask leave to… well, leave, or at least go upstairs and relax a bit.

It was a good day overall, the school rejection notwithstanding (I didn’t really expect to get the job anyway as I have no experience with primary school librarianship). I suspect I will feel vaguely apprehensive about COVID for a number of days though.

10 thoughts on “Interview and Date

  1. Very pleased date went well. I gather you were not over keen on the job anyway so perhaps it was a relief not to be offered it? … Re: masks — am assuming you are concerned because of the risk to your parents rather than yourself and date? Hopefully your mother is much more resilient now her treatment is over. I hope you won’t let these worries bother you too much. The risk of picking up an infection this way is extremely small.

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    1. Thanks! No, I didn’t think the job was a good match for me, so I’m not overly upset (or surprised) that I didn’t get it.

      Re: masks, I was more concerned for myself actually. My mother’s immunity is supposed to be back to normal. I think I have an element of health anxiety or possibly just hypochondria about moving back into the COVID world after having shielded for so long.


  2. It’s a relief that they took the decision out of your hands; you sound upbeat about how you did which is the important part. I don’t think anyone is ever satisfied with how they interview. It would also be stressful to have a job that one didn’t have the experience or training for. That’s excellent news about the date! Do you have another one planned?

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    1. Yes, I did feel I did reasonably well at the interview and didn’t embarrass myself as I feared I would (and as I did at a previous interview a while back). It definitely would have been a stressful job for me.

      We don’t have another date planned yet, but we do want to meet again. It’s just difficult to know what we can do at the moment with COVID closing things or making them harder to get around, especially as we move into winter and can’t just go and walk around a park.


    1. Thanks! Yes, they were tricky questions, and they seemed to fire them at me faster than other interviews I’ve been in.

      Yes, it has been a good Chol HaMoed so far. Fortunately I have nothing important planned for the rest of the week so can just relax!


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