I wish I had something more interesting to write about today. I doubt very much that anyone was gripped with suspense at reading my title. Go watch the US election coverage, if that’s what you want.

I got up earlyish (9.15am), but then wasted two hours going slowly, doing the Doctor Who Magazine crossword and messaging PIMOJ, so I didn’t have much of an early start on the day.

I applied for another job. I’m not sure how interesting the job would be, but the institution would be worth working at. The job application took two hours without a proper break, which was probably silly of me, but once I had started, I didn’t really want to stop in case I couldn’t restart. The application form asked me to state what sector my previous jobs were in. As is often the case, there wasn’t an option for “library/information management,” which wouldn’t have been so bad if this wasn’t an application for a well-known library (they did have an option for having previously been employed by them, so they weren’t just using standard software).

I didn’t know what to put in the disability box either. I’ve been told not to mention depression as it scares employers off. I was guessing the same for autism, certainly while it’s not 100% diagnosed yet. But I want to be able to ask for support later if I need it. It’s also a full-time job, and I don’t really want to work full-time, but there are so few part-time jobs that I see in my sector. I think I may have to work in another sector, but I don’t know which, and the people I’ve asked for careers advice don’t seem to know librarianship well enough e.g. they suggest archival work which (a) is also quite rare on the ground and (b) is a different (although superficially similar) skillset to librarianship and requires specialist training. Other than that, people have suggested proof-reading, and I have made attempts at starting that, but I had trouble, perhaps partly due to autism (difficulty with networking and marketing myself), but also for other reasons (not being sure what kind of reading speed I should be aiming for, or what my current reading speed is, or what fees to charge).

I also found this article not terribly helpful for someone who has almost more gaps in his CV than items, who usually has to fill in application forms rather than submit a CV, and who has been warned that it’s fatal to tell prospective employers about mental health issues.

Filling in job applications always reminds me of bad experiences in previous jobs, particularly the line manager who told me explicitly that I had not adapted to the job as well as she wanted and expected. She used to complain about other people on the team behind their backs and I’m sure she said some nasty things about me to other people when I wasn’t around. I now have to list her as a reference, because that’s the only long-term job I’ve had since 2017. (The rest of the library team at that place were really nice, though.)

Other achievements: the usual: walk, cooked dinner (red bean chilli, quite hot), Torah study.

23 thoughts on “Another Job Application

  1. I hope everything is going well with you and PIMOJ.
    And I think you are doing great!
    By the way, where are you from?
    Any chance it is Germany? Just asking. πŸ™‚
    Be safe my friend. I mean, it isn’t important where you are from.
    I just thought because of the name.

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        1. It’s a Yiddish term for someone with their head in the air and not good at practical things. The extra ‘t’ comes from the YIVO (Yiddish Scientific Institute) spelling. Not everyone spells it that way.

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  2. Ya the gaps in work history are tough. I of course say that I have been taking care of sick children for the last 12 years. All of the jobs I’ve had in the last few years have needed to be so flexible and part time and none came about by resume or application. It was all word of mouth and filling desperately needed caregiver positions. My university degree is in religious studies and theology. I’m not likely to ever get a job in that field again. Hopefully you are surprised by an opportunity even if it’s outside your field and hopefully they need you badly enough to accommodate you in the way you need. This post was way more interesting then the U.S. election, lol.

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  3. It is surprising where the jobs are and where people end up, so I’ll hope that you’ll land someplace that fits your skill set and personality. I’m hoping for the same thing for my daughter and son-in-law.

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  4. Job searching is rough and job search advice is frustrating, because it’s often really specific to industry, region, company, or situation, but it’s never presented that way. Ask A Manager (https://www.askamanager.org/) has a lot of old posts around approaching gaps in employment history, though it is more US-centric.

    You seem to be particularly good at self-study. Could you teach yourself a programming language and use that to pivot towards another sector? Or, if you’re looking at other sectors, maybe copywriting/editing? Tutoring? I’m just brainstorming, feel free to ignore.

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    1. Copywriting, editing and proof-reading are things I’ve looked at, but struggled to get into. Some of that is me having social anxiety and lacking contacts and finding it difficult to know how to set myself up in those sectors, network etc. I would potentially look at that again if I could work out how to do it. Similarly, I was looking at tutoring, but again I was not sure how to get started (no one has ever taught me how to teach or mark work and I wouldn’t even know how to build up lessons) and then COVID happened at suddenly that was a lot harder.


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