Things are better with PIMOJ. We texted a bit. I said I was worried that she was disgusted with me because of my book. She said I shouldn’t assume what she thinks, which is true, but I still don’t know whether or not she is disgusted with me. I think we both want to make this work, but are too scared of what the other thinks. We’re going to Skype at the weekend and we agreed not to “mind read” each other. Although I nearly set everything off again when I misunderstood a joke she made and took it literally….

I just feel a mess of depression and anxiety at the moment, and also slightly paranoid, reading texts and emails (not just PIMOJ’s) as critical and attacking even when the probably aren’t. I think I can cope with PIMOJ ending things better than I can cope with people being angry with me.


I was thinking of going to go to a CILIP (library professional organisation) talk on Zoom today, something I don’t normally do. I’m bad at CPD (continual professional development) and I vaguely wanted to change that. But I can’t face it today. I’m going to skip volunteering tomorrow too. I feel bad about it, but I think if I get up early to volunteer I will struggle to be fully present for therapy in the afternoon and will struggle to get to work on Thursday, and therapy and work are more important.


I didn’t do much else today. I felt pretty bad. I tried to write my devar Torah for the week. I wrote a detailed plan, which hopefully I can expand fairly easily. I didn’t cook, even though I normally do on Tuesdays, and the only way I could manage to study some Torah was to listen to a couple of five minute mini-shiurim (religious classes). I went for a walk and did a few chores.

The other big thing that happened was that I was checking my bank statements when I found a couple of suspicious payments out. They might be innocent mistakes or things I had forgotten, but I had to spend time trying to check them and writing to people to work out what they are. I still haven’t worked out what they actually are. I’m waiting for replies to some emails I sent about them. There’s also a weird payment in to my account, which I’m completely uncertain about.

I did have another go at trying to change the price of my non-fiction self-published Doctor Who book. It still says I have to change something on the design page, but won’t tell me what, despite my having actually completed and published the book. I think it wants me to create a new front cover, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem to have the “wizard” for making a cover anymore, which is problematic for me. It seems pretty stupid that I can’t just change the price, especially as I didn’t put it on the cover. I did at least remove the embarrassing typo from the back cover blurb.


Yesterday and today I re-watched Peter Capaldi’s sort-of swansong in Doctor Who, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls. I didn’t watch the epilogue, Twice Upon A Time, except for the regeneration scene, because in my head Twice Upon A Time didn’t happen. I don’t know why I wanted to watch something so downbeat when I was feeling bad, although it is a very good story. I guess it has a redemptive edge. Doctor Who has an advantage of many other series in that it can repeatedly kill off the main character, and have it be a “real” permanent death, but also keep the programme running. Regeneration stories have the potential to be the best stories (two make it into my all-time favourite stories list, and this one isn’t far off). I suppose it’s cathartic watching a heroic death.

I think lately Capaldi has overtaken Matt Smith as my favourite new series Doctor, despite being inconsistently written for his first year. He’s kind of the autistic Doctor, with his index cards to remind him of social niceties, and his habit of being very blunt and to the point. Also that he thinks he’s very rational when he’s actually very emotional (or is that just me?).

4 thoughts on ““Hate is always foolish, but love is always wise”

  1. Good to know you are still on good terms with PIMOJ.
    Re: payments in and out of your account. Most probably you have just forgotten things especially now we buy everything with cards not cash, but I do remember my account being compromised years ago. Began with small amounts being taken out, say like £1.70. This happened a few times. Luckily, I got on to the bank and found the account had indeed been hacked – through a clone of my card being used in North America! It was told they often do this – make small withdrawals first to see if it works before taking more. So, hope you can sort this out. Call your bank early if you cannot account for these withdrawals.

    Re: repricing your Dr Who book. You mention the cover. I don’t think that dark plain cover does it justice. Makes it look like a thesis. I wonder if you’d get more interest in the book with a more interesting cover?

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    1. The payments look like direct debits that I don’t remember setting up, and in one case isn’t listed on my bank account, so they do look a bit suspicious. My gut instinct is that there is an innocent explanation, but I need to find out for sure.

      I would like to have a better cover, but I’m not at all artistic, and it’s hard to think of a relevant image that isn’t copyrighted. My sister (who is artistic) said she would have helped, so maybe I’ll ask if she has any ideas.


  2. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get the bank stuff sorted out. is easy to use if you decide to create a new cover. If you do, I think it would be helpful to have more contrast between the font colour and the background colour, As is, when it’s shrunk down to thumbnail size, at least on Amazon, it’s difficult to read the subtitle.

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