I woke up a few times in the morning and even got up briefly, but didn’t manage to stay up and awake. I just felt too burnt out and depressed. I eventually got up after midday – not good. And I went back to bed after breakfast, which is worse. I still felt drained and low after lunch, which usually boosts my mood. PIMOJ said to focus on taking one step at a time and not worry about tomorrow, which is true, but I still felt like I’ve gone backwards.

I actually got woken up earlier by the phone ringing, but it was a number I didn’t recognise and I didn’t feel able to deal with it, so I didn’t accept the call. Later, I got called by an almost identical number. It was a recorded message saying my National Insurance number was compromised and I was going to be investigated by the police. It sounded like a scam (similar to these), so I hung up. There are very bad people out there in the world.

I struggled to do anything until mid-afternoon. I went for a walk and requested a repeat prescription; cooked dinner (vegetable curry); and bought birthday cards for my Dad and my sister, also a present for Dad (my sister hasn’t told me what she would like yet… we don’t really do surprise presents in this family, although I think my Mum would like to).

I spent about five minutes on research for my devar Torah (Torah thought) for this week. This was probably not enough time, but I have an idea of what to write and spent another five minutes sketching out a plan. I wish I had a lot more time to invest in my divrei Torah than the hour or two a week I usually manage, most of which is spent on writing rather than researching. It would be good to have more resources too (books and Hebrew reading ability). I did some other Torah study too, but ran out of time for working on my novel, which frustrated me, as I feel I’ve been neglecting it since starting my job and that I’m running out of momentum with it, which worries me a bit.

I also submitted a comment online to support my synagogue’s attempt to get planning permission for a new site, which is exciting, but also makes me worry about the semi-detached relationship I seem to have to the community, something that will be worsened if it moves to the other side of the local area (it would be about a twenty minute walk, maybe a little longer, as opposed to currently a ten minute walk). I had been putting off writing the comment for a week and a half, so it was good to get it done.


I feel like I’ve gone back to a hand-to-mouth existence, in terms of time, energy and mood, never quite having the time or energy for everything. I’m still hopeful that coming off olanzapine will improve my sleep and get me two to four hours more awake most days, but it might not, if my over-sleeping is caused by depression not medication. There’s also no guarantee the haloperidol will work as a replacement, especially as I have a history of poor responses to antidepressant medication.

The biggest new drains on my time and energy in the last few months have been my new job and my new relationship, but I’m not willing to give up either, so I will just have to squeeze out time for working on my novel where I can. It could be that the winter lack of sunlight and poor weather is having an effect on me too.

In the meantime I find myself feeling a ridiculous amount of unnecessary anxiety about what TV to watch every evening. I’m not entirely sure where these thoughts came from.


People on the autism spectrum are supposed to be good at spotting patterns. Supposedly, there’s an entire autistic unit of the Israeli Military Intelligence because of this ability. I think I have that ability on some level, but the patterns I spot aren’t necessarily useful ones. I noticed lately three songs I’ve been listening to that could be taken as referring to mainline London train stations (Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks, which actually is about Waterloo Station; Victoria, also by The Kinks, and Waterloo by ABBA). I’m good at memorising bits of trivia for quizzes, but not really at anything useful. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here.

7 thoughts on “Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

  1. PIMOJ’s advice is good to take one step or day at a time. It sounds like you’re doing quite a bit to me, although I know the late sleeping and inactivity bother you. When the morning seems wasted, it’s difficult to get started or feel worthwhile. I’m hoping that the medication will help.

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  2. Ah..The Kinks. I was once at a meeting where we were asked to introduce ourselves and name our favorite Beatles song. It annoyed me a bit, so when it was my turn I said, “My favorite Beatles song is anything by The Kinks”. I did get a few laughs!

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  3. You probably know this, but haloperidol is not an antidepressant as you implied. Like olanzapine it is an anti-psychotic. I know olanzapine and haldol are used in smaller doses for anxiety as well as OCD.

    You seem to be doing a lot and have high expectations of yourself in terms of productivity. Maybe you need to accept that you cannot do everything. Your accounts of your daily activities/achievements always sound to me as quite impressive. And remember your new relationship, though exciting and rewarding, is also stressful, as is the new job — and will be more so because of your ASD. So be gentle and kind to yourself and make allowances!

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    1. Yes, I meant antidepressants as well as mood stabilisers and anti-psychotics used for depression. I just said “antidepressants” to simplify.

      Thanks, it is hard to feel that I’m doing “enough.” The actual hours of activity are not so great, even if I get a number of things done, and I am frustrated at not having as much time as I would like to work on my novel. The new relationship and new job are still stressful, yes. I will try to make allowances.


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