Not much to say about today. I went to bed late last night and slept for eleven hours, which didn’t surprise me after “peopling” so much yesterday. I got up late and didn’t do much except an hour of Torah study and a run (my longest ever, as I added a little bit on as I discovered the route I was running was just under 5K rather than just over it as I thought, although I think a lot depends on how often I have to cross the road back and forth to avoid pedestrians and dogs).

That was about it for today, aside from a video call with E. I had a long list of little chores to do that I barely touched, and I suspect much of this week will be spent trying to catch up with them, as well as work, a family dinner and a routine dentist visit. I feel I’m neglecting my writing, but it’s hard to make the time. I know I have done a lot of other things recently, so I’m trying not to get too upset about it, but I guess it is frustrating.

2 thoughts on “Today (Fragment)

  1. I have many chores when I get back from New York and before the kids arrive on the 30th. Pretty overwhelming and I’m sure I won’t get much done that I’d like to. Like you, I’ll try to keep in mind that I will have accomplished many other things.

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