I don’t have much to say about this Shabbat (Sabbath), but I thought that I ought to note here that, as well as going to shul (synagogue) on Friday night, I also went for Minchah, Talmud shiur and Ma’ariv (Afternoon Prayers, religious class and Evening Prayers) today. Which is good, as I hadn’t been for ages. (And people had noticed and were surprised that I came this week, which made me feel a bit bad.) Shiur was in the main room, as usual, but the ‘fathers and children’ learning groups were going on in the same room. I guess it doesn’t bother anyone because this is what a Beit Midrash (study hall, including in a yeshiva/rabbinical seminary) is like, with lots of people learning in pairs or small groups, but I find it very autistically-unfriendly and struggled to concentrate.


I just watched the two-part Doctor Who story The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky as part of my new Doctor Who watching with E. There are a few things I could say about it, but most of them aren’t nice (and I’ve said them before elsewhere on the web) and I’m trying not to say not nice things about books and TV now I’m hoping/praying that my own scribblings will be reviewed somewhere some day.

That said, I do wonder why the Sontarans (militaristic potatoes) have been brought back so many times whereas their arch-enemies the Rutans (shape-shifting green jellyfish) have only been seen once, at least on TV Doctor Who. I find the Rutans much more interesting, to be honest. I guess the Sontarans are easier to do on a budget (masks and space armour) than giant jellyfish. I would like to see another Rutan story, or one in which we actually see the much-discussed Sontaran-Rutan War, said to have been waging for millennia.

I will also say that Luke Rattigan is a really annoying character, and not in a good way. And that Mark Zuckerberg is blatantly in league with evil space aliens (sorry, went a bit Meta there).

7 thoughts on “Achievement

  1. You know, I bet you’d be a good writer for Dr. Who. It’s not too wild of a thought. You certainly are well versed on the history of Dr. Who. Your attention to detail is much needed. I understood what you meant in another post when you said something was inappropriate speech for the person of that time and culture. Something like that happened when I watched Downton Abbey, and it pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for me. One of the characters said, “As if.” I recoiled and was revulsed. How that common modern comment got into the show and past so many people was beyond me. Sloppy. Very sloppy.

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      1. I used to know a woman who lived far from California who was a writer for a TV soap opera. I think she just wrote in, gave examples of her writing, and told how much she knew about the series. You show you really have a deep understanding of Dr. Who. You are very experienced with writing about it and thinking about it. If you wrote one screenplay and they really liked it, I bet you’d have a good chance of a job with them. I’m serious. They care about the content most. If you can crank out good content, then that’s what they need.

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