I felt low on waking and exhausted from yesterday, which I guess was not surprising (work, online shiur and long call with E late at night). I had a dental check-up, which did at least get me up and out the house. I had some tremor, not very bad and the dentist didn’t say anything, but I felt self-conscious. I think it’s mostly psychological now, I get so worried about shaking that I sort of overthink it and shake. It happens whenever I need to hold still: doctors check-ups, dentists, opticians. I’m OK when my Mum cuts my hair, perhaps because I’m relaxed. I don’t know what I would be like going back to a professional barber; I haven’t done that since lockdown. I shake sometimes when taking photos too and especially when my photo is taken. I’m not sure what I can do about it at this stage. I distracted myself thinking up a whole silly joke about Boris Johnson in the wake of the “Partygate” report: during lockdown, the Prime Minister was ambushed by a cake, surprised by a leaving party, confused by a works-drinks event, and misled by a small bar mitzvah. Boris Johnson denied having an aliyah at the later, but later ITV published photos of him doing petichah. The Prime Minister denied having deceived the public, claiming that, “Everyone knows that a weekday petichah isn’t a proper aliyah.” (Sorry, no time to explain all of this if you don’t get it!)

When I got back, I spent a while procrastinating about phoning the Jewish mental health charity to see if they can help with my disrupted sleep, which may or may not be mental health-related. I eventually found the courage to phone, only to discover their referrals process is automated, so I just had to speak to a non-scary answerphone. I also emailed a contact at a charity that deals with autism support to see if they can help. I don’t know if I will qualify for help from either. I feel I fall a bit between two (or more) stools on this; it may be autistic exhaustion; it may be social anxiety and avoidance; it may be medication side-effects; or it may be something else entirely. It is hard to know who to ask for help. I got an email back from the second charity and I think the person was a bit confused as to why I was writing to her. Maybe I didn’t stress that it might be autistic exhaustion enough.

I spent some time working on my novel, finishing the first draft of the first chapter. I probably shouldn’t show my work to anyone at this stage, but I was worried that my plans for this novel just won’t work (in terms of what I said the other day about wanting to be honest and not prudish, but also not pornographic), so I sent it to E, who fortunately liked it and felt it worked.

I did a little bit of Torah study. I would have liked to have done more, but I procrastinated too much and ran out of time. In the evening, my parents and I went to my sister and brother-in-law’s for dinner. I tried to do some more Torah study in the car, but started to feel travel sick. I used to be able to read in cars without a problem, but don’t seem to be able to do it any more. I can still read on trains, but buses can go either way, I’m not sure why.

I wanted to write about my anxiety about getting married — not the decision to get married, but my fear that something will go wrong and prevent us getting married at all. However, it’s very late and I have work tomorrow, so that will have to wait for another time.

7 thoughts on “Tremor and Procrastination

  1. I’m prone to motion sickness generally, but trains aren’t as bad as cars and buses, perhaps because there isn’t the same amount of acceleration and deceleration.

    That’s great that you got the first chapter draft done, and that E liked it!

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  2. It must feel great to finish the chapter draft and get positive feedback. I like that you reach out for help on various issues; I’m not very good at that.

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  3. I did some reading on autistic exhaustion, and found a term previously unknown to me–“energy accounting.” I’m sure you’ve read about it. I think, to some degree, you do this already. Although I hate the “spoons” thing that someone wrote and hearing people comment about only having so many spoons (ugh!), it sounds like the same concept.

    I wonder if anything physical in diet can also help. I was at the gym, and this big guy who looked like a personal trainer gave me some unsolicited advice to drink beet juice for energy. He wasn’t selling it. Just told me to buy it online to help increase energy levels. I’m sure it’s full of antioxidants, too. Just an idea. Also small protein snacks throughout the day can help. I order cocoa-covered almonds that are in 100-calorie packs and often reach for one of those when I’m feeling worn out. If all of this is too elementary, I hope you won’t be insulted by my suggestions. I’m sure you’ve done a ton of research into how to improve your energy levels.

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    1. I’ve written about energy accounting here before. I find it hard as it’s difficult to estimate how much energy something takes, especially as it can vary based on so many different factors.

      You may be right about diet. I probably eat too many carbs, it’s just hard to change diet when I need to change everything else in my life too.

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