The main news from today: I phoned the United Synagogue Marriage Authorisation Department. The woman was very helpful and said I have to email Rabbi B (I’ll call him) with my questions about timelines and documentation. I was glad she gave me an email! Not only does it eliminate phone anxiety, I’m much more coherent about something complicated like this when I can write and edit than when I’m just speaking and everything comes out of my mouth in a torrent of words. I did have some autistic “not sure when to end the call” issues (in this case, trying too early while the woman was still speaking). I wish there were classes for autistic people where they could teach you things like how to speak on the phone.

As for the rest of the day, I set my alarm for 9am and a second one for 9.30am, because I knew the Tesco order was coming between 11am and 12pm, but that it often turns up early. I thought these alarms would give me time to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and daven (pray) before Tescos came. I slept through both alarms, or at least turned them off without waking up enough to get up. I was woken up at 10.10am by Mum phoning me to ask if Tesco could come early, at 10.30am. I said yes, but a minute or two later, there was a knock at the door. It was the delivery man. I shouted out of the window that I wasn’t ready and quickly got dressed, feeling headrushey from getting up too fast. The Tesco driver must have nearly finished his shift as he when I was unpacking from his crates to our crates, he picked the last few items out of the crate and thrust them at me; obviously I was unpacking too slowly for him.

I did several chores today besides this: laundry, emptying the dishwasher, watering the garden (again). I think I damaged one pot plant watering with two strong a spray. I emailed the food bank where I used to volunteer to volunteer again, as I’d heard they now need volunteers on Tuesdays from 10.30am to 1pm, which is a bit more reasonable than when I used to have to get there at 9.30am. They were pleased to have me back, so I think they’re short-staffed.

I had therapy. Afterwards, I spent twenty or thirty minutes reading online for novel research, then an hour trying and largely failing to write anything. I don’t know why writing is sometimes easy and sometimes like pulling out my own teeth with pliers and no anaesthetic. I felt that I still wanted to do more writing, so after dinner I spent thirty or forty minutes sitting in the garden (which by this time was cooler than the house) working on the plan of the novel, although this turned out to need less work than I thought/feared. I spoke to my parents via WhatsApp call too, so it was a busy day. My main regret is only doing ten minutes of Torah study because I prioritised writing and chores, as well as going for a longer walk than usual.

5 thoughts on “The Impatient Delivery Man

  1. Having been on many phone calls, conference calls, and videos calls with people talking over each other and/or unsure when to end the call, I am convinced that few people manage such gracefulness in their calls. I suspect lots of people are bad at this and no one really cares.

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