There will be a normal post later, but I’ve been painting miniature Daleks recently.  It’s a bit frustrating as my tremor (and perhaps lack of patience) means that my recent miniatures aren’t painted nearly as well as those I used to paint in my teens.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share…


The eleventh Doctor caught by 1980s Imperial Daleks!



The fourth Doctor bamboozles the Dalek Supreme and some 1960s Daleks!



6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Miniature Picspam!

  1. They are beautiful! … And the sunset in the background gives it a surreal feel … It’s a shame about your tremor. Have you had any medical advice about it?


    1. Thank you!

      The tremor is a side-effect from olanzapine. I’ve tried coming off the olanzapine on a couple of occasions, but whenever I try the depression gets significantly worse, so I seem to be stuck with the tremor.


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