One day more or less down, at any rate…


I spent about forty minutes on Torah study and writing a devar Torah.  I went for a jog for twenty-five minutes.  I hadn’t set my iPod properly so I don’t know what my pace was, but I didn’t seem to be walking as much as recently, particularly in the second half of the run, which is usually the hardest bit.  I don’t seem to get exercise migraines any more either, which is good.  I did then counter this healthiness by eating a crumpet, which I hadn’t done for years.  I didn’t get any time to work on my novel, or the proofreading, which was a bit disappointing.  I did Skype E., which was good.

I do feel I have to structure my time quite carefully because of depression and perhaps also autism.  There’s a limit to what I can do during the day.  I see other people my age doing a lot more, juggling career, family, relationships, hobbies, sometimes religious commitments or volunteering and I can’t do that.  When I was in group therapy last year, one person there who had previously had a fairly high-profile job, says she just tries to do one thing a day now because she can’t cope with more.  That’s probably true of me, but I still haven’t accepted it.  The day I can accept it, my life will probably be a whole lot better, especially my religious life and my self-esteem.  I guess I’m partway there with my feeling of being in a parallel universe to my peers and not in competition with them and so not being resentful of their success, but there’s still quite a way to go.


Other than that, today saw the first episode of a new series of Doctor Who which wasn’t very good, but I’m reluctant to say more about it online for a number of reasons.  I have two blogs and have also looked at some online reviews, but I am wary of posting anything.  I am considering emailing my reviews to selected friends, which strikes me as a somewhat backward thing to do.  Maybe I should print it and snail mail it to their real addresses.  Or go fully retro and make a hard copy fanzine.

6 thoughts on “1 Down, 365 To Go

    1. Looking forward to your review. I’ll send you my elaborated review after part 2 (in email, I was joking about the hard copy fanzine). I will say I thought it started well, but I lost interest after about twenty minutes, which is not something that usually happens to me. I’m hoping part 2 will redeem it.


  1. I struggle with scheduled productivity too! It’s hard to force stuff into my routine like exercise and other important tasks. And I’d never be at the level of people our age who are doing it all! But more discipline would be a good thing in my life. In your life, you do the volunteering and the workshops for getting hired and all the religious stuff, so that seems like a lot already from here!


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