J tested positive for COVID today. After he told me, I tested myself and I’m still negative, but tomorrow I’ll be going to work by myself really for the first time in this job (J will email me work to do) and I am somewhat nervous about that, particularly if I have to do the Very Scary Task again. I’ve worked from home without J a couple of times, but that was somewhat more limited (although I did the VST, so not so limited).


I finished sorting those papers. I feel a lot more organised now. I always knew where my paperwork was, but it would have been harder to locate the exact paper I wanted and the folders were overfilled with out of date papers, particularly bank statements from ten or even twenty years ago. But a lot of it is psychological, seeing neatly-organised folders rather than ones bursting at the seams. I do now have a huge pile of paper to shred, but that’s a relatively easy job I can do over a number of days.

The other thing I did today was go for a run, but my pace was poor, with lots of walking. I have hardly run this year and it shows.

I have a lot of other things I would like to blog about, but it’s late and I’m very tired. Maybe later in the week…

4 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Ach. Sorry to hear J has it. I do hope you remain negative. I haven’t read your two most recent posts yet, though, and am keeping my fingers crossed, though that’s kind of silly since I’ll know in a moment. Weird times, eh? Take care.

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